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The Compass Within Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative Psychotherapy for individuals

There are many reasons to seek counselling. Being dissatisfied with life, trying to restabilize after a crisis or change in life circumstances, losing motivation, a loss, wanting to resolve long standing patterns that are no longer helpful and other situations individual to you.

I integrate a combination of methods to help you to arrive at your goals for counselling. The primary focus is to help you reach your goals in a safe, nonjudgmental and compassionate atmosphere.

I use evidence-research based approaches such as person-centered psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution- focused brief therapy, and mindfulness-based techniques with interventions such as clinical hypnotherapy, guided visualization, energy exercises and holistic life coaching. Practices that involve deep relaxation such as clinical hypnosis, inner child work, guided visualization allow us to gently access the unconscious mind in order to make changes /heal trauma and thought patterns that are no longer helpful to our lives. It is always the client’s choice if they would like to experiment with new types of interventions. My work is client led.

Counselling for children

Counselling therapy services for children and youth from nine years old and up. Initial sessions are conducted with parents only in order to review family history, understand parental concerns and set therapeutic goals. The initial meeting may also include suggestions of strategies or tools to help your child.

Families seek counselling when their children are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, a marital separation or blended family, a death or loss in the family, traumatic event or other changes in life. A few of the signs that your child may need professional support are emotional outbursts (anger or sadness), lack of interest in regular activities, being withdrawn from the family and friends or other changes in their behaviour.

The Compass Within Integrative Psychotherapy
 Integrative Psychotherapy

Counselling for parents

Parents may seek counselling to consult on how to best handle behaviours of a toddler or teen or any age in between. We can discuss strategies of how to communicate with your child, explore ways to deal with behaviours and how to best support your child. It can be helpful to explore with a professional what your child needs during a parental separation, loss or major transition. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to agree on a method of parenting. Counselling can assist on coming together to devise a plan.

Insurance Coverage

My services may be covered by your extended health insurance plan. Listed are my credentials. Please check with them to ensure coverage before booking an appointment to avoid disappointment.

• Licensed Counselling Therapist with the College of Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick (CCTNB) my license number is LCT17-022 or

• Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC) with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) my member number is 5703

Blue Cross (if your plan covers) is the only company that I can direct bill

Sunlife with the Canadian Federal Public Service has been covering Certified Canadian Counsellors since mid 2020, however it is not listed on the website, a telephone call or email to verify is required

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The Compass Within - Services


Sessions are offered in person, on Zoom or telephone.

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